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Evaluations offered

We offer the following evidenced based evaluations:

Classroom Evaluations

 Is your child struggling in the classroom setting? Are you looking for IEP and            504 plan recommendations from an expert professional?  Our classroom              evaluations are comprehensive and provide caregivers and school staff with a  clear picture of current struggles, needs, and a concise course of action to help  a child begin to thrive in the school environment.  Preschool-high-school              evaluations offered.  

Investment fee $500-1,500.

Immigration Psychological Evaluations

As an immigrant herself, Vanessa knows first hand the importance of a high-       quality immigration evaluation and is committed to offering psychological           evaluation services that are systemic, detailed and offer an objective                     and accurate assessment of psychological hardship via research-validated       instruments and trauma-informed interview practices.  Services offered in             Spanish and English, and translator services for other languages. Evaluations       available for the following areas: Asylum, Evaluation of Rehabilitation, Hardship /   Cancellation of Removal, Intimate Partner Violence, LGBTQ++, Political                   Persecution, Sex Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Sexual Mutilation, T           Visa, Torture, Ritual Abuse, Trauma and PTSD, U Visa, VAWA, and War Trauma.  

 Investment fee $1,000-$1,500.

Projective Psychological Evaluations

Are you looking for insight regarding your current psychological state? We offer   projective testing that allows us to gain great insight into current psychological,   emotional, spiritual, and physical functioning thru the Circles of the Self                   assessment tool.  This research instrument is rooted in Jungian psychology, color

theory, and archetypal symbolism existent across cultures. 

Investment fee $350-500.

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