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We are the premier practice in Frederick, specializing in using an integrated and holistic approach to mental health and parenting

At Kindred Tree Healing Center we believe that the best care comes from a caring relationship, and an integrated perspective, combining modern science with ancient wisdom.  We engage in psychotherapy and healing services that are rooted in evidence based practice by combining traditional talk therapies with cutting edge neuroscience-informed approaches that aim at facilitating deep healing and growth from difficult experiences.  We work with the whole person by incorporating decades of research in the area of human development.  We combine this knowledge with experiential therapies like art, music, play and sandtray and what you get is profound healing from the inside out. We are revered as the premier practice in the Frederick, Maryland region that provides high quality psychological services within an attachment and developmental psychology framework. 


We are experts in the treatment of children and adults who have experienced trauma, as well as attachment and parenting issues.  Bettering relationships between children and parents is one of the most powerful influences you can have on society.  Kindred Tree Healing Center believes in supporting children and adults through life's journey with authenticity, deep respect, and care.


In our years of practice we have also learned that for some, "talking" in therapy only helps to a certain point.  We believe that this is where alternative therapies like Reiki, Yoga, and Ayurveda can help. Reiki originated in Japan 3,000 years ago.  It is a powerful, yet gentle method of healing touch that utilizes universal energy to bring profound peace and healing to the body, mind, spirit and soul. Every year, more studies are finding reiki as an effective method for alleviating symptoms associated with stress and trauma.  We are proud to offer this service and in doing so honor the power in this healing art.


We are grateful that you have visited our site, and welcome you to the Kindred Tree community.

Highest Regards,

Vanessa Durrant, MSW, LCSW-C, RMT, RYT

Owner, Clinical Director, Psychotherapist

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