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Weekly Therapy Group For Adults
Enrollment now open for Kindred Sustenance! Thursdays at 2pm

In celebration of our 4 year anniversary, we offered a 12 week group experience to 4 special mothers who were deeply craving sustenance, growth and healing from an integrated and holistic perspective. ​


The group was so successful that we are now offering it as an ongoing therapy group. Through the use of expressive art and nervous system based therapies, jungian archetypal psychology, Ayurveda, yoga, and Native American wisdom, participants will deepen into practices that will increase feelings of deep joy, healing, and sustenance. Those who would benefit from this group are deeply yearning for guidance in deepening into these types of practices for inner growth. They may be suffering from anxiety, trauma, or depression and want to continue healing from an integrated and holistic mental health lens. ​


This group meets virtually via secure video, for 1 hour weekly.  In order to deepen your experience, participants will be asked to engage in specific practices outside of group to best support your healing journey. ​


While in group, you will catch yourself experiencing more magic, feeling more intentional in life, and able to fill your own cup more easily. You will leave each week feeling inspired, and ready to keep on keeping on! This group is facilitated by Vanessa Durrant, owner and clinical director of Kindred Tree. She holds a high level of expertise in providing evidence based therapies and melding them with Ayurveda and other time tested eastern healing modalities.


This group requires an intake session where a projective assessment and Ayurvedic assessment will be administered to assess for current functioning and implement specific group goals. Intake assessment is $195.  Weekly group is $50.  One reparations, needs-based scholarship slot available for individuals identifying as BIPOC. 

Image by Xavier Mouton Photographie
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