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  • Vanessa Durrant

🌱3 Ways to Vibe With Spring

By Vanessa Durrant, MSW, LCSW-C, RMT, RYT

Today marks the first day of spring! This day is also known as the vernal (or spring) equinox. It has been the day designated as the start of spring and end of winter. The days will get longer and the nights will get shorter until summer solstice time on June 21. Essentially, this means, more time outdoors! This vernal equinox is a great time to manifest positive growth and shifts into a new season of being. It is a time to be inspired and act on your inspirations. The change in seasons has long been celebrated with certain traditions by cultures around the world. During this time, the northern hemisphere will get more light, making the day longer, because the earth will tilt towards the sun.

This rhythm in nature tells me it's a good time to be led by Earths own inspiration. We can use this as a time to lean in towards the sun; metaphorically speaking. Leaning towards the sun means embracing the light within you, and the light of others. In modern times, use of our light helps us feel connected, nurtured, loved, and inspired.

There are 3 simple, yet powerful ways to do this:

Connect with Nature and Others

Spend time with friends you enjoy seeing. Even if it's been a long time. Reach out and make sure that you plan something that embraces the season. Anything outdoors will do. Bask in the gift that friendship is. As you spend time with those that cherish and support you, you will also feel connected and nurtured by this change in season. It may even create deeper meaning in your life. Existing within the context of community with others will help you make connections that may even self-propel some of your own goals or purpose.

Bring Spring Inside

Is the energy in your house or office feeling stale? Do you spend a lot of time in these spaces? Then it's time to bring in some green into your home and office. Planting seeds and placing them in the sun, and giving plenty of water will literally bring spring into those spaces. This will manifest into new and positive energy and can have a nice effect on your mood while you are home or at work. If you don't have a green thumb, visit your local nursery and ask for plants that thrive easily, without much care. Don't underestimate the positive impact a little green can do for you. It will have a domino effect on those around you too. Plant indoor plants that will also nourish you, like herbs, and the impact will be two-fold.

Invest Energy Into a Passion or Hobby

This season is essentially a time for rebirth and the sprouting of new things. Make sure that you dedicate time and energy every week into a passion or hobby. This will revitalize you and in turn it will help you show up stronger to those around you. As you invest energy into something you love, you are also investing in self-love, the most powerful of loves. This is what helps you shine from within. This will have a double impact if your passion or hobbies involve nature. Remember, investing energy into a passion or hobby does not need to cost money. Be creative if you are tight on funds.

The catch to incorporating any of these 3 tips is doing them with intention. Couple your activity with the goal of it helping you to feel more balanced and harmonized. What you will notice, is that as you create space for these things, you will be invigorated with new connections, purpose, and light. Practice these 3 tips, not just once, but over and over throughout Spring. This will prepare you to enter into the next season with strength, fortitude, and community!


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