• Vanessa Durrant

Welcome Meghan!

I'm thrilled to announce that Kindred Tree Healing Center is growing! It's been important for me to grow in a slow and conscious way. Yet, the demand for our services is greater than I've been able to provide. I've had a waitlist for over a year and it's time to keep serving more people who resonate with our mission and ways in which we provide services!

Right as I was giving this more thought, I met Meghan. A fellow friend, and esteemed colleague sent her my way, and the more that I got to know her, the clearer it became that she was the right fit for Kindred Tree. She has over 7 years of experience in a variety of outpatient settings where she has served children, teens, and adults. As a licensed certified social worker-clinical, she started her career in mental health at the University of Maryland, where she provided counseling and group therapy to at-risk youth. As she has increased her knowledge and experience, she has realized the importance of working from a mind-body perspective. This love for approaching healing from a holistic framework makes her a great fit for the families she will serve with us.

Meghan is now accepting referrals for children and adults. She has training in play therapy, and other developmentally appropriate interventions, as well as maternal and postpartum health. She is a seasoned professional, wife, and mother. She has an authentic sense of care for others and her kind personality is a great fit for anyone looking to begin their healing journey.

Welcome Meghan, I am so excited to have you join Kindred Tree Healing Center!


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